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Case Study: Attention


Attention is a social media/PR agency with clients in the beauty, fashion, entertainment, consumer, travel and lifestyle industries. They wanted to launch a Black Friday social media campaign for a large sports retailer. The goal was to get people into the client’s stores, check in through Foursquare, and then tweet their check-in. One in-store winner would be selected each hour and notified of his or her prize while still in the store.


To succeed, the promotion needed to be extremely reliable as its time-specific nature allowed no room for error. Additionally, check-ins would need to be archived, and captured data exported, for reporting purposes. Redundancy was required to prevent loss of important data.


Analog Method assessed available options for tracking check-ins and selecting in-store winners. Then, they mapped out and documented the process for running the promotion. Next, Analog developed a custom web application that monitored and stored tweeted check-ins and allowed Attention's team and their client's representative to log in and access a constantly updated stream of tweets meeting the criteria. Because the Twitter search component was the most error-prone, two separate processes performed simultaneous searches to ensure no check-ins were missed.

Before launch, Analog conducted two weeks of extensive testing using another brand with a high volume of check-ins and high-volume keywords. This phase ensured the application both returned accurate data and would operate reliably during heavy activity periods.


Hourly prize winners were selected from the stream and notified in store. Captured data, including details on individual check-ins, was exported for reporting purposes.

"Analog Method’s work allowed us to execute the promotion effortlessly. The promotion itself generated about 3,000 [Foursquare] check-ins the morning of Black Friday compared to the [client's] average of 500 check-ins per day... Analog reduced a lot of risk and guaranteed we could actually pull the project off."